The new cross border destination tourism promotion

A thematic education „Tourism promotion“, organised by the UHPA, was held for the tourism sector stakeholders

A penultimate thematic education for the tourism sector experts, within the work package T3 -Strengthening the stakeholders' capacity, was held in the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina.

On Friday, 14th of February 2020, third thematic education within the work package T3 – Strengthening the stakeholders' capacity, was organised and held in the Kos Jurišić Winery in the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina. This education, named „Tourism promotion“, bears particular importance for the new cross border tourism destination developed as one of the key outcomes of the project In cultura veritas as it was the only one organised exclusively for the tourism sector experts. Invitation for this education was thus sent to tourism guides, representatives of the tourism boards, non-governmental organisations and travel agencies which operate in the programme area.

Education was organised by the project partner the Association of Croatian travel agencies (UHPA) which is creditable for participation of its members, while Mrs Romana Lekić, PhD was subcontracted for facilitating the education. During the initial stage of the project, Mrs Lekić supported project partners in the process of developing The Plan for setting up the new cross-border tourism destination, a document which offers solutions ready to be included in the business activities of the tourism sector stakeholders. Project partner Development Agency Sotla (RAS) enabled transportation of the Slovenian stakeholders to ensure their participation at the education.

Introductory greeting speech was delivered by the UHPA office manager and the project team member, Mrs Ivana Maltar, who outlined agenda of the education.

A presentation offering more information about the purpose, goals and activities of the project In cultura veritas followed and was delivered by the lead project manager, Helena Čermak (Zagreb County – ZŽ). Attractive tourism offer of the new cross-border destination was highlighted, particularly in the context of travel agencies business activities. Creation of special tourism packages, related to wine and cultural tourism offer of the project area, should lead to durability and sustainability of the new destination, which was the key conclusion of this part.

After this, Mrs Lekić, PhD, facilitated the education. She shared her long term experience and knowledge gained by her scientific and practical work related to development of wine and cultural tourism. Key prerequisites for development of these forms of tourism in the cross border area were highlighted, from the process of branding the region, application of already set up good practices from abroad to strengthening and promoting competitive advantages of the project area.

Further Mrs Lekić moved on to thoroughly present key determinants of The Plan for setting up the new cross-border tourism destination which offers packages of tourism products and services ready to be sold to interested visitors. Stakeholders actively discussed possibilities and ideas that could be included into their business activities. Particular interest was expressed for attending study tours which will be organised by the project partners for travel agencies and journalists in May this year.

Last education within this work package will be held, in mutual cooperation of the project partners ZŽ, UHPA and RAS, on 9th March 2020 in Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia.