Second consultative workshop with the Croatian stakeholders

Croatian partners organised and conducted 2. consultative workshop with the Croatian stakeholders in the town of Sv. Ivan Zelina

Second workshop with the Croatian stakeholders in the project In cultura veritas, within the work package T1 - Development of new tourism destination and project activity AT1.2 Consultative workshops, was conducted on 29 March 2019 in the Sv. Ivan Zelina Museum.

The workshop, for identifying offer and setting up tourism destination in the cross border area between Zagreb County (Croatia) and subregions of Obsotelje and Kozjansko (Slovenia), was attended by 13 relevant stakeholders from the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina. Among others, there were employees from the town administration, tourism board, museum and representatives of the wine producers, cultural, artistic and proffessional associations. The workshop was organised by the Croatian project partners - Zagreb County (ZŽ) and Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA). Also, the representatives of the third Croatian project partner, Museum Documentation Centre (MDC), were present. 

The discussion, facilitated by Romana Lekić, PhD, resulted in recommendations and ideas about improving connection between the stakeholders whose business activities are being conducted along the Zelina wine road. Amongst the main conclusions, the following were highlighted as most relevant: sustainable tourism development of the new tourism destination, systematic promotion, preservation and conservation of the local identity and development of innovative and attractive tourism offer, with the key aim of increasing tourism visits on the localities included in the project. 

Conclusions of this and other workshops will be used by the project partners for drafting of the Plan for establishing new tourism destination as a guide for tourism development and promotion of the new cross border tourism destination.