Strengthening local stakeholders' capacity

First thematic education „Cultural heritage in co-existence with wine“ conducted

First out of four thematic educations aimed for strengthening local stakeholders' capacities, within the project In cultura veritas, was organised and conducted by the project partner Slovene Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry - Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Maribor (KGZS-MB).

On Wednesday, 27th of November 2019, the Wine cellar in the municipality of Šmarje pri Jelšah hosted around 40 Slovenian and Croatian stakeholders in the field of culture, tourism and enology due to participation in thematic education named „Cultural heritage in co-existence with wine“.

Education was organised and conducted by the project partner KGZS-MB, as part of the working package T3 – Strengthening local stakeholders' capacity. Apart from the stakeholders, education was also attended by the other project partners – Zagreb county, Development agency Sotla, Museum documentation center, Municipality Šmarje pri Jelšah and Association of Croatian travel agencies.

Working package T3 supplements previously implemented working package T1 – Development of joint tourism destination. Within that working package project partners informed the stakeholders about development of new, innovative cross border tourism destination which unites tourism offer within the wine roads included in the project (Šmarsko-virštanjska, Samoborska, Zelinska and Plešivička) and cultural heritage identified in the project area.

Four educations within the working package T3 will provide new knowledge and skills for the stakeholders in order to promote newly developed destination, present their offer and enhance tourism destination attractiveness for visitors which are interested in wine and culture.

In the log run, it can be expected that new knowledge will also contribute to greater success in stakeholders' business activities and to setting up new cross border business models for sustainability of the new destination.

The goal of the education „Cultural heritage in co-existence with wine“ was to give stakeholders basic information about joint wine offer in the project area and joining the offer with rich cultural heritage.

Education was divided in three parts. In the first part, an enologist, Mrs Tadeja Vodovnik Plevnik, presented main historical facts about wine production and wine growing in the project area, most common wine types, ways of serving taste and wine and combining wine and food.

The other part was held by the ethnologist Mrs Jana Voršič who highlighted importance of local material an immaterial cultural heritage in presenting wine offer. In that context, the key cultural heritage object, which store exhibits related to wine tradition, were mentioned, but also customs, legends and interesting facts which are interesting for visitors – wine and culture lovers – for creating experience whilst visiting destination.

The last, third part of the education encompassed guided tour through the exhibition of the wine type gouache painted by Vincenz and Conrad Kreutzer, supplemented by tasting wine which are common for the project area.

This education marked start of skills and knowledge enhancement of the local stakeholders for successful presentation of their offer and promotion of the new cross border tourism destination.

Within the working package T3, three more educations will be organised by the project partners.