First consultative workshop with the Slovenian stakeholders

First workshop for identifying offer and establishing tourism destination held

Within the work plan for development of the new joint cross-border tourism destination, a workshop for the representatives of the public, private and non-profit sector was held on 20 December 2018 in Šmarje pri Jelšah

The workshop was facilitated by Romana Lekić, PhD, an expert for destination management. The workshop has included representatives of the key stakeholder groups from the subregions of Obsotelje and Kozjansko, that is wine producers, cultural heritage managers, museum employees and tourism sector representatives. Joint discussion and active participation of the stakeholders within the focus groups have led to identification of the key attractions, cultural and entertainment events and tourism services and products which should be foundation for development and promotion of the future destination. Finally, SWOT analysis was conducted in order to highlight main strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for future tourism destination development. 

The workshop in Šmarje pri Jelšah is the first among the four planned workshops which will be conducted within this work plan of the project (2 for Croatian and 2 for Slovenian stakeholders). The findings shall be utilised for drafting of the Plan for setting up a new cross-border tourism destination. It will encompass tourism service and product packages for incentivising business cooperation and connection between Croatian and Slovenian tourism and culture sector stakeholders as well as to boost promotion and sustainable development of the new cross-border tourism destination. 


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