Work package T3 - Strengthening stakeholders capacities

Implementation of the second workshop for strengthening stakeholders capacities

Second thematic education for strengthening knowledge and skills of the stakeholders from the cross-border area between Zagreb County (Croatia) and sub-region Obsotelje and Kozjansko (Slovenia) was held in Samobor.

On Wednesday, 29th January 2020, the Samobor Museum hosted around 40 Croatian and Slovenian stakeholders which participate in implementation of the project In cultura veritas. Thematic education named „Cultural heritage on paths of the wine routes“ was organised for local wine producers, employees in the sectors of culture and tourism and local decision makers by the project partner Museum Documentation Centre (MDC) .

The education was divided into two parts,

After introductory speech given by the director of MDC, Mrs Maja Kocijan, Zrinka Marković, MDC curator and member of the In cultura veritas project team, held a presentation on interesting facts related to the cultural heritage objects located by the four wine routes included in the project (Šmarsko-virštanjska tourism route in Slovenia and Plešivička, Zelinska and Samoborska wine route in Croatia). She was speaking about cultural heritage with the potential to increase tourism attractiveness of the project area and attract larger number of visitors. Also, abundance of tangible cultural heritage, kept in the castles, museums and old city houses, was pointed out. Particularly interesting was a review of legends, customs and stories related to the life of respectable people whose work left indelible trace on development of this area. At the end of this part, the stakeholders had an opportunity to see five promotional videos made within the project, out of which four give insight into museum collections related to wine traditon while the fifth one merges cultural heritage and wine tradition of the entire cross-border area.

The second part included a lecture given by Melanija Belaj, Ph.D., a scientist from the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research. She shared her knowledge and experience related to ethnological and anthropological aspect of wine production and indulgence, which is of particular importance in her scientific and research work.

This education was aimed to further expand local stakeholders' knowledge on local culture which surrounds them in order to be implemented within their business activities and offered to visitors as a new experience whilst visiting the project area.

Below you can see a photo gallery prepared by Denis Bučar (MDC).