Ampelographic monograph of the wine types

Project partner KGZS-MB presented a Monograph of the wine types in the project area

Project partner KGZS-MB held festive presentation of the ampelographic wine types' Monograph which contributes to connecting culture and enology between the Croatian and Slovenian project area

Ampelographic collection of the Vinzenz and Conrad Kreuzers' gouache has for a long time been almost entirely unknown, but employees of the Slovene Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry (KGZS-MB), where it has been kept for the last few decades, have always been aware of its extraordinary cultural value. According to the current knowledge, the Kreuzer brothers painted around 180 vine types during mid 19th century. 

First edition of the ampelographic collection of the Vinzenz and Conrad Kreuzers' gouache has expanded all the expectations and experienced enormous publicity in magazines and television programmes in the countries that boast with greatest wine production. It has been confirmed that, on the global level, the collection represents unique cultural heritage while its book format has enabled it to become accessible to wider public. Soon after publishing, the librarian of the German association of the history of wine, Renate Schoene (1945-2013) included the collection in the bibliography of wine history and culture, whilst Fritz Schumman wrote in the review of the book: "There are books which make us happy at first sight and those which make us think critically in order to find their purpose." This book belongs to the former group. 

Due to great interest of the wider European public, the KGZS-MB decided to re-print the book and was thus granted co-financing within the project In Cultura Veritas - Cooperation programme Interreg V-A, Slovenia-Croatia 2014.-2020. Preservation of such extraordinary cultural heritage, represented by this collection, at the same time represents great pride and undoubted awareness on the past and present importance of viniculture for this area. Original collections of the ampelographic gouache, owned by the KGZS-MB, are a living proof of this. Second, amended edition of the gouache ampelographic collection by Vinzenz and Conrad Kreuzer contains 344 pages of the large format.