Working package T3 and 5th partners' meeting

Project partners held a preparatory meeting for the working package T3 and 5th partners' meeting

On Monday, 14th of October 2019, project partner met in the small family farm Kolarić in Jastrebarsko in order to start implementation of the working package T3 – Strengthening local stakeholders' capacity.

Between November 2019 and March 2020, the partners will, within the working package T3, organise and conduct thematic educations for the stakeholders included in the project.

The goal of the preparatory meeting was to elaborate topics of educations, agree on dates, locations and other neccessary details of importance for organisation and implementation of educations.

The topics of educations are Enology (organiser KGZS-MB), Cultural heritage presentation (MDC) and Tourism promotion and project presentation (co-organisers UHPA, RAS and ZŽ).

The purpose of thematic educations is to enhance knowledge and skills of 50 stakeholders for promotion of the newly established cross border tourism destination, identification of opportunities for including their products and services in the destinations' offer and increase in tourism visits in cultural heritage objects and wine roads included in the project. Important goal of this working package is also networking of the local stakeholders from both sides of the border and creation of opportunities to develop joint business activities.

Afterwards, the lead partner (ZŽ) held 5th project partners' meeting during which project partners agreed on mutual obligations, deadlines and budget allocation for project activities in the following period of project implementation.

Date of the following partners' meeting will be mutually agreed between the partners before the end of the 3rd reporting period of the project.