Fourth partners' meeting

Project partners met for the fourth time in Zagreb

Fourth partners' meeting was devoted to discussing project activities in preparation and implementation, budget enforcement, preparation of partners' reports and continuation of mutual cooperation in the third implementation period of the project

The fourth project partners' meeting was held on 9 July 2019 in the premises of the Zagreb County. Representatives of all the project partners' institutions attended the meeting. 

The meeting was held after presentation of the first prototype of the central digital catalogue which is being developed, as one of the project activities, in cooperation of all the project partners and TIS d.o.o. company.

During the meeting, the partners discussed aspects related to project activities which are being either implemented or prepared. Special focus of the meeting was budget enforcement and preparation of second partners' reports, considering that the second implementation period of the project ends on 31 July 2019. 

Intense period lays ahead of the partners as well as a number of obligations in relation to joint project activities, such as creating central digital catalogue, but also a great number of obligations related to individual project activities. 

Partners will meet again at the beginning of the third implementation period of the project, i.e. during September, 2019.