Finalisation of the consultation workshops' implementation

The project partners attended concluding consultative workshop

Within the work plan T1 - Development of the new tourism destination and project activity AT1.2 Consultative workshops, a concluding workshop was held on 1 April 2019 in the Zagreb County and attended by representatives of both Slovenian and Croatian project partners.

The workshop was facilitated by Romana Lekić, PhD. Her presentation highlighted main conclusions of the previously conducted workshops with the Slovenian and Croatian stakeholders. The workshops have particularly revealed the following: a need to further strengthen bottom up approach in cultural and wine tourism development, lack of connection between the key stakeholders, particularly wine producers and importance of designing key focal points as the basis for establishing adequate tourism connection in the cross border area. 

Afterwards, the partners discussed structure and content of the Plan for establishing new cross border tourism destination and suggested model for tourism destination development whilst having on mind suitability for both parts of the cross border area. 

On the basis of the workshops' conclusions, individual project area research and cooperation with the project partners, Mrs Lekić will begin with drafting of the Plan for establishing new cross border tourism destination. The draft of the document will be finished during June 2019, after which the partners will check, finalise and approve its final version.