Smart benches and info kiosks - Croatia

Visitor equipment installed on the Croatian side of the project area

In the scope of the work package T4 – Tourism destination promotion, the Zagreb County has finished implementation of the project activity AT4.6. Installation of info kiosks and smart benches in Croatia.

One of the project obligations for the Zagreb County – Lead partner of the project In cultura veritas was to install three smart benches and three info kiosks on specific micro-locations in the towns of Sveti Ivan Zelina, Jastrebarsko and Samobor.

A smart bench and an info kiosk were installed in the proximity of the central town square in the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina, next to the Erdödy Park in Jastrebarsko and in the proximity of the town museum in Samobor.

The purpose of installing above mentioned urban visitor equipment is to enhance offer attraction of the new cross border tourism destination which was established between the Zagreb County and Slovenian subregion of Obsotelje and Kozjansko.

Smart benches and info kiosks enable visitors to see the content of central digital catalogue of the new destination and discover interesting facts about tourism offer on the wine routes included in the project (Šmarsko-virštanjska VTC 10 wine route in Slovenia and Plešivička, Samoborska and Zelinska wine route in Croatia). Additionally, smart benches allow charging mobile phones and parking bycicles on the racks attached to the bench.

On the Slovenian side of the project area, four smart benches and four info kiosks will be installed on the micro-locations near the cultural heritage localities. This activity will be implemented by the Slovenian project partner Šmarje pri Jelšah Municipality.

The suppliers for the benches and info kiosks, installed in the aforementioned towns of the Zagreb County, were Elzeb d.o.o. from Varaždin for info kiosks and Include d.o.o. from Solin for smart benches.

The total value of the installed equipment amounts to roughly 250.000,00 Croatian kunas or 34.000,00 euros.